10dollarproject is a project were I offer 10$ to people on the street for there portrait. With each encounter I try to learn as much as possible from each individual. Some offer a story of there life and others just want to stay silent. The 10 dollars is a small token of thanks for there time and a way for them to earn some money rather than ask. We all enjoy the feeling of earning and hate to ask for what we need. I am there only to observe and listen for those few minutes. I do not care what they spend there 10$ on for it is there 10$ and who am I to say what they need.


2 Responses to “10dollarproject”

  1. Ann Mason Says:

    I loved Sudan at Chaos Theory so I looked you up.Great work!

    • 10dollarproject Says:

      Thank you Ann. I really appreciate the kind words and that you took time to look at my site. This project is very close to my heart and I hope to continue for a long time.
      Jason (aka jehu)

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